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Digitization is a key competitive factor for companies. New innovative products and services, as well as more efficient processes, offer not only the industry, but also small and medium-sized companies opportunities for future grothw.

At the same time, this means that IT security is becoming increasingly important. As innovative and successful as small and medium-sized enterprises are, they usually have limited resources for IT security.

The cost and the low securty qualifications of the employees are one of the main reasons for the dangerously inadequate security situation of the companies.

Pronextor's goal is to develop simply and cost-effectively solutions to eliminate existing security architecture gaps.



The ultimate security for your data

No matter which common encryption method you use today, the encryption and decryption will be performed on your PC or laptop.

Unfortunatly the encryption key is -at least temporarily- saved on the computer. In addition, the key must be entered into the system by the user. Another vulnerability that potential attackers can use.

Our patented process, the Mobile Encryption procedure, completly solves this problem.

The Mobile Encryption procedure separates the work system from the encryption system. An independent device called MES, which looks like a smartphone, is added to the setup. The encryption key is entered into this device and stored there. MES fetches the data from the PC and encrypting or decrypting it.

With MES the encryption key is never available on your PC or laptop, and therefore cannot be the target of an attack.





The Mobile Encryption System (MES) is a device similar to a smartphone that is connected to a PC and ensures that an attacker cannot read or steal the passwords for the encrypted data.

The user enters his encryption key at the touch screen. This opens a new drive on the connected PC. Every file that is put into the container will be encrypted on the MES device. Every file that is taken out will be decrypted on the MES device.

So the encryption key is never - not even temporarily - available on the PC.

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